Send payment reminders to email from metafield through Flow

Send payment reminders to email from metafield through Flow

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Hi all,


Our customers typically pay with manual payment and so we sent out payment reminders automatically. Many of our customers have different email addresses for their accounts payable teams. Is there a way for me to use Flow to send payment reminders based on an order metafield where I input an email? Also is there a way to Cc: the customers email as well.



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Shopify Staff
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Hi @sussexresearch 


Flow sends payment reminders with this mutation in the Shopify API which doesn't accept an ad-hoc email address. You would need to update the email address on the order prior to sending the payment reminder for it to take effect.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

Shopify Partner
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Hey @sussexresearch ,


May I suggest Kindly - Payment Reminder. The part with the email is not yet possible with it but we can definitely embed these two functions for you. 🙂

Kindly - Payment Reminder
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