Setting up Google Sheets integration for Shopify Pre-Order Flow

Setting up Google Sheets integration for Shopify Pre-Order Flow

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Hello all,

Recently, in my shop I set up an automation flow for tracking our Pre-order sales that we do every year around this time. This year, we decided to set up an automation flow to track these pre-orders and to upload them to a Sheets page as they come in. It's supposed to upload the order numbers for the pre-orders to a Google Sheets page for me.

I have tags set up on both the products we are selling (Seed Garlic) and the Automation flow itself -(the tag just says 'pre-order'). However, when we sold a pre-order this morning, the pre-order Order number was not added to our google sheets page despite having tags set up. 

Trying to figure out a solution to this matter as it would be really helpful if all of these orders were just automatically tracked and added to my Sheets page.

Does anyone have any solutions, suggestions, etc.?

Thanks all.

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Everyone does pre-sales in their own way, so it's hard to have a general purpose solution in Flow for this.


That said, have you looked at the workflow run for the order that happened to see why it didn't call sheets? Or maybe it did, but you set up the data wrong. If you can't make sense of it, post a screenshot of the configuration panel(s). 


FYI, you can test on this existing pre-sale order by opening the order, going to "More actions" and "Run Flow automation". Then choose the workflow you are building. 

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