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I am trying to add two flos in the shopify flow app both for metafields.

1) Update metafields if there's a tag product.
Starts when "Product status updated"
check if product tag starts with "C1_"(example)
Do this : tried both
a) {% for tags_item in product.tags %}{% if tags_item contains "C1_" %}{{- tags_item -}}{% break %}{% endif %}{% endfor %}
b) {%- for tags_item in product.tags -%}
{%- if tags_item contains "C1_" -%}
{{- tags_item | remove: "C1_" -}}{%- break -%}
{%- endif -%}
{%- endfor -%}

2) Translate metafield value. I use shopify translate app
I have the shop in 4 languages, so I should translate into 3 of them.
here basically I don't how to start

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Hi @faraoneshop , we do not have a way to listen to product updated right now, the product status update trigger is only executed when a product's status change. For example, when it goes from draft to published or active to inactive. As for metafield translation, Flow doesn't have that capability right now. Can you check with the Shopify Translate and Adapt community?

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