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Shopify Flow Condition - Previous Orders Number or Previous Order Date?

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Is there a way to trigger an action based on when was the previous order date (not the one that triggered the flow)? 

I saw order.customer.lastOrder or order.customer.orders - I don't think those can be used in actions because I would need to get some info about the previous orders (-1, -2). 
Is there a workaround for this?


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You can do this using graphql Api , use all order api and , in that you will get the link to to privious and next order using that you can get date and order no something as below , where hasNextPage and hasPreviousPage shows next and previous order :




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A good example of workflow using those fields is Organize customers by order count tiers where, using order created as a trigger, we can setup an action that is based on the total order count of a customer, which of course is the count of all orders until the last + 1. 

Similarly a condition can be setup using customer.lastOrder as you correctly suggested, which will allow you to leverage, within a workflow triggered by Order Created, all fields related to the customer's last order: including createdAt etc.


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