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Shopify Flow for Custom Attributes

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I need help in creating Shopify Flow.


What I did

1.  Add  custom code that allows the customer to add a custom Gift Note on Checkout pages. I did use the cart.attributes feature, it's working perfectly right now.  

2. Here's the results in Order Details page, it shows the custom Cart attributes.



Issues: The Flow doesn't trigger

I did create a Custom Flow that will add the submitted data to Google Spreadsheet. Here's my conditions. 

  1. Order is Created
  2. If  Order Custom Attributes contains the Key, add the data to Google Spreadsheet

I think there's something wrong with my Custom Attributes conditions. Can someone please verify if the conditions are correct. Please check below.



Any help is appreciated! Thanks!



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Any one please help me on this?

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  • I believe the first condition should be ( Key equals/includes "To" ) 
  • The second condition should be ( Key equals/includes "From" )
  • And the third condition should be ( Key equals/includes "Message" )

Note that you don not need to prefix these with "attributes", and that the keys may be case sensitive.

Alternatively, you can create a single condition where all of the custom attribute keys must match one of specified keys, like so (if you don't expect any other attributes to be available):



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This is also something I'm interested in. I cannot get my flow to work using customAttributes