Shopify Flow Querying / Updating Invoices and Journal Entries Through Quickbooks API

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I use the quickbooks bridge integration app which I like which creates:

- Quickbooks invoices for each shopify order

- COGs journal entry


Both of those have a docnumber in quickbooks that is/contains the shopify order number


When there is a fulfillmentevent in shopify of "DELIVERED" I want to update the dates of the invoices and COGS journal entry to the date of DELIVERY.


Flow supports the trigger of fulfillmentevent.  I am wondering if I can used Send HTTP Post to get identifiers and do a sparse update of the record.  


I am advanced user with little to no development experience.


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If you need to get data from QuickBooks and then use it in a subsequent action, that is not possible in Flow yet. It is something we would like to enable though. You could built a custom app to do that and then call that app from Flow. If you just need to make an outbound call to add something to QuickBooks, that might be doable via Send HTTP Request.



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