Shopify Flow to check a segment of customers for a tag and remove another tag if not found.

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I was hoping to create a flow which will help me automate the daily checking of a segment of around 250 customers to see if a customer tag (Whole School Member) has been removed from their profile (this tag is autmatically removed 1 year after a specific purchase)


I would like the flow to then take the customers in the segment that DON'T have the above tag and remove a different tag (School Subscriber) from their profile. 


Is this possible to schedule to run daily? If so, could anyone help me with how to set up the flow. I'm fairly new to Shopify flow so any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi @Abee1 ,


You could create a workflow that triggers when a customer tag is removed, check if the removed tags included "Whole School Member", look up the customer segment membership, and then add a tag. Note that the "Look up customer in segment" action is still in beta, but will be released to general availability in the next few days.




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