Sorting the collection manually is difficult

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nice to meet you.
I'm not good at English, so I'm sorry if the sentences are weird.

Is it possible to display newly added products at the top when manually sorting a collection?

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Shopify Staff
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Hi @natyo this sounds like a question about sorting products in a collection, not Shopify Flow. I think I know the answer so I'll give it a shot anyway. In the products card on the collections page there's a dropdown that lets you change how the list is sorted. You can select "Sort: Newest" to display them in reverse chronological order. If you need to follow up try:

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Shopify Partner
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Hi @natyo, this is Miriam from Kimonix app. I would also love to help you out! 👋


I saw you mentioned that sorting collections manually is difficult, so I would love to advise you to sort and filter your collections more smartly and automatically, using our app.


For example, you can use Kimonix to sort your collection from newest to oldest with one click, using the data parameter called "Days since published" (Ascending). You can also use “Days since created” or “Days since updated” based on your needs. Here’s how it looks in the app:




Another option is to add a condition to always push all the new products to the top.New products can be pushed by the Publishing date or Creation date.

Here’s how it looks in the app:



You can watch this short video to see how easy it is to sort a collection using the app.

Our mission is to bring you the flexibility of a plug-and-play solution (we are not touching your code) together with automatic sorting and filtering of products in your collections.

Feel free to try the app and let me know if you have any questions! 🤗