Summary with out of stock products but only on products ordered less than 24 hours ago

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Every day I manually look at what customers ordered during the night whose stock is at 0.
I then order the products at 0.

I saw a very interesting template in Flow. Send daily email summary with out of stock products

I would like to add a condition.
For example, I ask that the email be sent every day at 11 a.m.

But I would like the products taken into account to be only those which have been sold out in the last 24 hours, or from 11 a.m. of the previous day.

Maybe sort by data. Put Updated at instead of Created at?

Thank you

Because I don't need to have a notification with all the products out of stock.

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There isn't a way to tell when the variant's inventory was updated through the fields available in the API. You could however use a workflow like:


  • Variant out of stock
  • Check if all variants are out of stock
    • If yes, set Product tag (outofstock:01-03-24)

Then in your daily summary, you can use the Get Product Data action to get products with that tag. 


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