Tracking Fulfillment Methods for Products and Vendors in Shopify Reports

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Hello everyone,

We have a mix of warehoused and dropshipped products, with about 50% falling into each category. To better analyze our operations, I'm looking for a way to designate whether each product or vendor is 'in-house' or 'dropshipped'. This data would then be used to generate the following reports:

  1. Percentage of revenue generated from in-house versus dropshipped products.
  2. Fulfillment times comparison between in-house and dropshipped items.

With over 300 SKUs, I'm wondering if there's a straightforward method within Shopify to accomplish this and integrate the data into our reports.

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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This is a really good question. In your scenario, do you ever fulfill the same SKU both warehouse and dropship? Or are they mutually exclusive?


If they are mutually exclusive, then you could use a product metafield (or tag) to denote the dropship products. Then you can use a reporting app to report and segment on the different products and how you fulfill them. I would selfishly recommend Report Toaster (because I'm on the team) - but many of the reporting apps could do this once the products are setup properly.

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Hello @curiouscamper,

As @CloudlabSam mentioned, you will need a reporting tool to analyze this data.

Feel free to install Report Pundit on a free trial to check if it meets your needs.


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Hey, @curiouscamper 


Nice to meet you.


As it was mentioned in two previous replies, it will be better to use 3rd party reporting tools to achieve your requirements.

Let me present our product - Mipler: Advanced reports.


With this app you can get tables and charts by fulfillment methods grouped by products or vendors. Sure things, we will show you percentage from total per each category:



Please feel free to install Mipler with 7 days of free trial period on your store and play around with it.

Our support team will be glad to implement any of your requests, so no needs to spent your time 🙂


We at Shopify App Store: Mipler.

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