Trouble adding a Tag for Local Pick Up Orders

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I am attempting to add a simple Tag ("Local Pickup") to any orders that customers who choose delivery method as Local pick up:




Tried these 2 methods ;



However, neither are returning a TRUE condition.


I am bewildered where the "Local pick up" is located.

Tried Shopify Help to no avail.


Here is the Flow;


I do know the rule is completing as it is adding in the "Shipping Req." TAG I included as a FALSE result.  Problem is that it is returning FALSE for every order, regardless of whether it is to be picked up or Shipped.


Not hugely talented in this basic coding so, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, do you need this to be available at order creation? Testing I managed to use {{fulfillmentOrder.deliveryMethod.methodType}} which returns PICK_UP as a value, however it's only available on a fulfillment order trigger like Order ready to fulfill

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I would like to have it at order creation if anyone has a solution


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Hi Roehamptonorchi,


This is not yet available in the order as far as I'm aware and only in the fulfillment. You could build a Workflow around some of the fulfillment events or look at trying to build something custom using the `order.shippingLine` data. That data is specific to each shop and location set up, so you'll need to review it based on your implementation of Local Pickup to see if it works for your use case. 


Hope that helps!

DaveMcV | Flow Development Manager @ Shopify
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