Use Shopify Flow to set product "Compare-at-price" field to NULL

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Recently the Shopify integration module for our inventory software was updated to submit a default value of "0.00" to Shopify for the product "Compare-at-price" field.

Because the default value for this field in Shopify is actually NULL, this new value of "0.00" is causing issues with a Shopify app we use to automate putting products on sale when certain conditions are reached.

The Shopify app is programmed to look for NULL and cannot find it because the Shopify integration module for our inventory software submits "0.00". Neither developer seems willing to address this issue and we are caught in the middle with an unresolved issue.

I'm hoping that someone can help me in constructing a Shopify Flow that would set product "Compare-at-price" field to NULL whenever a new product is added to the Shopify store.


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Looks like it may not be possible to update a variant price in flow without using a custom API call through the HTTP action step. Also if you're needing to update all of your inventory en masse, that wouldn't be possible.


If you're open to a 3rd party app, I could build this automation out for you using our app mesa.

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Hi Kalen

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, the problem is being created by 3rd-Party apps with developers who seem unwilling to resolve issues and support staff that repeatedly copy/paste boilerplate platitudes, which is why I was hoping for an automated, native solution within Shopify.

Now that you have confirmed my suspicions that Flow won't work without complex custom API calls or the installation of yet another 3rd-Party app, I will just set myself calendar reminders and periodically use the bulk edit functionality to correct the data issues.

Kindest regards,


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Hi Dalestreet,


You may be able to achieve this by using the Send HTTP request action in Flow to call the Shopify Admin GraphQL API. Here are some Flow docs on how to achieve this.


Hope that helps!

DaveMcV | Flow Development Manager @ Shopify
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