Using data from Get Product Data (Action) in Marketing Email Template (Marketing Automation)

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I've set up a Shopify Flow; that triggers monthly, gets some Product data and should then send out a Marketing Email containing a Product-section that is populated by the Product data that was gathered in the Flow.



Sound pretty easy and straight forward, some would even say it's a basic feature that should have been available from the start, however this does not seem to be possible because I can't find a way to get the Product data into a Product-section of the Email template. Once again it seems that the Shopify Flow app runs just that tiny bit short.

A suggestion that I've seen before is using the Custom Liquid section to get this to work but I don't think the variables from the Flow are available in the Custom Liquid section.

Any suggestions? Is this feature on it's way? Or can this be added to the backlog as a feature request?

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Shopify Staff
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Hey @MsMinis , our team is aware of this issue, there is currently no work around but we are definitely going to be adding this to our backlog. With that being said, we don’t have a timeline we can share at the moment.