When to use "Update Order Metafield"?

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Does anyone on here have any examples they can provide on the forum for using the Update Order Metafield?


How is the Metafield displayed on the order? Is it similar to a Product's metafield where I can see it on the bottom of the page when editing that product?


I'm trying to decide if this is useful for what I need. My store sells unique products we sell on behalf of customers that do not exceed the quantity of 1. We have their email address in a Product metafield. I am hoping I could create a Shopify Flow that would copy their email address metafield into the order. This would be useful if something is wrong with the product and I would need to contact the seller.


Does anyone else on here use this feature?

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Yes that should be possible. I think for the metafields to show in the Admin, you need to define it in your Admin > Settings area and then "pin" it, which makes it show up in the UI. 

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