Why isn't my date comparison flow working in Shopify?

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so i need to make flow, that checks if date in product metafield was before now, and if so add tag to it.


i created this flow with shopify chat assistant, and its not working
this is metafield


whats wrong?

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Shopify Staff
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Unfortunately, Liquid, the Shopify templating language, does not allow for direct read and write operations on a product's metafields or for date comparisons.

Manipulating metafields and date comparisons are operations that are typically done in the backend of an application using the Shopify API, in a language like Ruby, Python, or Node.js.

While you can access metafields in a Liquid template, you can't use them to trigger actions like adding a tag to a product.


This task would require a custom solution, possibly a custom app, that uses the Shopify API to periodically check the date in the product metafield and add a tag if necessary.

Alejo 😄
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