Triggering a flow when a product is updated

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Hi - I need to apply a tag to a product when it's edited (in this case when the continue selling out of stock setting is changed). Furthermore, I need to assess whether the stock is greater than zero before applying any tag, so using Flow would be the ideal solution (rather than bulk applying the tag). The setting is changed via a bulk upload in large batches, so it's not practical to edit the products manually.


As I understand there is not currently a 'product edited' (or similar) trigger. Are there plans for this or is there a workaround that might achieve a similar result?

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If the inventory is changing during the bulk uploads, you could use the "inventory quantity changed" trigger instead. 


There is not currently a Product Updated trigger. We have a technical blocker that we plan to work on in early 2022, which will allow us to add the update triggers.