Address2 bug with delivery customization: Changing address2 does not cause function to run again

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Here is a video of the issue,



There is one delivery customization setup on the store, which checks for Address line 2, if it is empty then it hides all the shipping options at the checkout and if it is not empty, then all shipping options should be visible.



Initially, when we enter the address it works fine, entering value into the non-optional address line 2, causes the function to run and all shipping options become visible, as they should. But then when we remove the value from address2 line, then all shipping options are hidden, which is also correct behavior according to the rule setup.


The issue happens, when we try to enter the value in shipping address line 2 again, then even after it has a value which is non-empty, the function is not run again and all shipping options remain hidden, causing the issue. This is problematic. Imagine entering a wrong address line 2 value and then trying to correct it and all of sudden no shipping is available anymore, no matter what you enter. Doing a full page refresh fixes the issue and the function is run again.


Expected Behavior:

Entering value in address line 2, even after it is made empty and then value is entered again, should cause the function to re-evaluate and show proper shipping options.

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