App working locally but not on heroku

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I have built a discount app based on this tutorial using Remix


Everything works locally even though I get an error (locale missing error below) the app index page loads  on the test store and I can add the custom discount from Admin >> Discounts


Error: No route matches URL "/locales/en-US.json"

When I deployed to heroku the app crashed, in the terminal it recommended I update the start build section in package.json file to this


"start": "remix-serve ./build/index.js",

  After pushing the changes the app index page loads on the test store. But when I go to Admin >> Discounts and try to add a new discount the new custom one is missing.


From the heroku log I found two errors when the index page loads.


One is regarding /locales/en-US.json url which I get locally but it still works there so I assume that should not be an issue here?


The other is below, could this be what is causing the discounts not to show? Any help would be great as I have hit a road block. I noticed it is the build directory again, so not sure by changing the package.json if that has caused other issues?


sock=client at=warning code=H27 desc="Client Request Interrupted" method=GET path="/build/_assets/styles-P622JLTH.css"




I have just run the command <npm run build> and that seems to have fixed the H27 error above but the discount is still not showing.

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