Bug report: cart attributes are empty in payment function but existed in frontend

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Hello team, 

We found this bug in our payment-customization function, and can be reproduced for most of the time:

1. in payment function, we are reading the cart attribute: 

query Input {
  cart {
    sample_attr: attribute(key: "sample_attr") {

2. in customer frontend, we add attributes via cart ajax api. 
3. then customer click the pay now button after input payment info
4. in function execution log, we see the attributes are empty.   

And the strange point is, before customer click PayNow button, we found the payment function also has executed, but the attributes works well and are available in function input.

We have tested several times, and we are sure it's very easy to reproduce.
Seems to be a bug that happened starting last week or earlier.

Please help check since this is impacting our app's core feature, thank you!


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