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I have a Shopify App with a lot of existing functionality. I'm trying to add a single Delivery Customization Shopify Function with fairly basic functionality.

I have the function generated and deployed properly, but when I go to Add the Customization it redirects to my app which is not embedded inside Shopify.

Resulting in the Customization not being added, and landing on my apps homepage. I feel like i'm missing something super simple with setting these up. Ideally i'd like to add the Customization without needed a redirect or edit UI.

So my questions are:
1. Would Delivery Customizations only work on embedded Shopify apps?
2. Any idea how I could configure mine such that it would work?

My toml file for the extension is very basic


name = "t:name"
handle = "delivery-customization-handle"
type = "function"

description = "t:description"

  target = ""
  input_query = "src/run.graphql"
  export = "run"

  command = ""
  path = "dist/function.wasm"


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You need to create the customization somehow via GraphQL. The standard/supported way of doing this is with an embedded app UI, as you mention. In absence of an app UI, you could use the GraphiQL app, or use API access with an admin extension somewhere.

Nick Wesselman | Shopify 
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