Developing a sale concept on our future store "Team Sale"

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we are looking for a quotation to develop a sale concept on our future web shop.

The concept is similar to the Korean mobile app "Alwayz".

It´s about to give the opportunity to a customer to buy a product under a "team sale" concept.

A "team sale" is a same product sold to multiple customers for a given price.

It has a limit both on the amount of customers per team and in time.


The customer will have 3 options (3 buttons):


1 - Buy the product to its current full price.

2 - Buy the product as part of a "team sale" with the amount of buyers left to be part of it displayed.

3 - Create a team for that product and share a link for that team (Copy link/Facebook and Instagram publications)


It should be also possible to create our own "team sales" banners on the backend.


The products being part of a "team sale" would be displayed on a sliding banner.

The product prices would be displayed with the "team sale" discount as main price to be more appealing.


When the limit of customers for a same team sale is reached, the orders are processed.


If the limit of customers is not reached in the given amount of time, the team sale is canceled and an email is send to the team sale customers about that with a link to buy the product as current price.


Only one team sale per product is possible. So if a product is already in a team sale, the customer can not create another team sale for it, but can share the link or publication on social media anyway.

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