Functions how to distinguish product variations via attributes

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We currently have scripts running that use a combination of product variants and attributes to determine if we class an item as belonging to the same category. I notice when functions export discounts it seems to do so using only the variant ID. 


Is it possible to apply discounts to an item using a combination of the variant ID and the attributes that were assigned to the item? Also is it possible to apply different discount amounts to different items? If not is this a feature addition that you could consider?


We would class:


WPI Powder (Chocolate) with attribute age:New 


different to:


WPI Powder (Chocolate) with attribute age:Expired


In this hypothetical situation, we would apply different discounts to each.


e.g. WPI Powder (Chocolate) with attribute age:New "10% off"

WPI Powder (Chocolate) with attribute age:Expired  "80% off"


In this case, we see attributes being important to discount, and the need for different discount amounts.

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