Questions about the order interface /admin/api/2023-10/orders.json?status=any

Questions about the order interface /admin/api/2023-10/orders.json?status=any

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In the return value of obtaining the store order interface, there is no image data related to the order product.

An example of the product return value for the order I received :

array(1) { [0]=> array(20) { ["fulfillable_quantity"]=> int(1) ["fulfillment_service"]=> string(6) "manual" ["fulfillment_status"]=> NULL ["grams"]=> int(0) ["id"]=> int(14262451863860) ["price"]=> string(6) "600.00" ["product_id"]=> int(8337101881652) ["quantity"]=> int(1) ["requires_shipping"]=> bool(true) ["sku"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(34) "The Collection Snowboard: Hydrogen" ["variant_id"]=> int(45351939998004) ["variant_title"]=> NULL ["vendor"]=> string(15) "Hydrogen Vendor" ["name"]=> string(34) "The Collection Snowboard: Hydrogen" ["gift_card"]=> bool(false) ["properties"]=> array(0) { } ["taxable"]=> bool(true) ["tax_lines"]=> array(0) { } ["total_discount"]=> string(4) "0.00" } }

There are no images in this result set, so you need to obtain the corresponding images of the product through the interface/admin/api/2023-10/products/632910392/images/850703190.json,
But the official interface has a limit of 40 calls per minute, so how can we avoid situations where there are too many requests based on this situation???

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