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Shopify function asynchronous

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 Hi everyone, I'm developing a Shopify app extension (product-discount) that can edit cart item price based on prices provided by an API, the trouble now is I could not make the code to run asynchronously (to await for the API to get the price). Can someone help? anything will 

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This is entirely dependent on what language you are using.  For instance, C# uses async/await, node.js uses promises, etc.   You will likely get the best response by asking in a language specific format or googling "asynchronous rest request {languageIAmUsing}"

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I'm having this same issue in a node typescript implementation. Returning a Promise<FunctionRunResult> causes the discount to not apply and no log output.

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Functions do not support external API calls and the event loop is not enabled in our JavaScript engine, so promises/async generally will not work. See the documentation links below. Do you have a non-fetch use case that requires async?


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