Shopify Function: Request not reaching the remote server from Shopify using the network access api

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I am trying to build a Shopify function extension in Rust.

I wished to make an API request from inside my function. To do that, Shopify provides it's own way of handling requests.


I am following this article:



use shopify_function::prelude::*;
use shopify_function::Result;

#[shopify_function_target(query_path = "src/fetch.graphql", schema_path = "schema.graphql")]
fn fetch(input: fetch::input::ResponseData) -> Result<fetch::output::FunctionFetchResult> {
    let mut request: Option<output::HttpRequest> = None;

    // Network call if the buyer_identity is present
    if let Some(buyer_identity) = &input.cart.buyer_identity {
        // Network call if the email is present
        if let Some(_email) = & {
            let http_request = build_request(&input);
            request = Some(http_request);

    Ok(fetch::output::FunctionFetchResult { request })

fn build_request(input: &fetch::input::ResponseData) -> fetch::output::HttpRequest {
    // Serializing the input for simple demonstration, the body can be articulated as needed.
    let body = serde_json::to_string(&input).expect("Error serializing");

    static SERVER_URL: &'static str = "";

    fetch::output::HttpRequest {
        method: fetch::output::HttpRequestMethod::Other("POST".to_string()),
        url: SERVER_URL.to_string(),
        headers: [].to_vec(),
        body: Some(body),
        policy: fetch::output::HttpRequestPolicy {
            read_timeout_ms: 20000,


query Input {
  cart {
    buyerIdentity {
    cost {
      totalAmount {




use shopify_function::prelude::*;
use shopify_function::Result;

use serde::Deserialize;

struct ServerResponse {
    errors: Vec<ServerResponseError>,

struct ServerResponseError {
    localized_message: String,
    target: String,

#[shopify_function_target(query_path = "src/run.graphql", schema_path = "schema.graphql")]
fn run(input: run::input::ResponseData) -> Result<run::output::FunctionRunResult> {
    // Optimization for when there are no requests.
    // In this simple example, there are no fallbacks, but there is room to implement one if needed.
    // See
    if input.fetch_result.is_none() {
        return Ok(output::FunctionRunResult { errors: vec![] });

    let fetch_result = input.fetch_result.unwrap();

    // When the server returns an unexpected response.
    // Optionally: Apply a local fallback error message.
    if fetch_result.status != 200 {
        panic!("Server response unprocessable (status)");

    let body = fetch_result.body.as_ref().expect("Missing response body");
    match serde_json::from_str::<ServerResponse>(body.as_str()) {
        Ok(response) => {
            let errors: Vec<run::output::FunctionError> = response
                .map(|error| run::output::FunctionError {
                    localized_message: error.localized_message,

            return Ok(run::output::FunctionRunResult { errors });
        Err(_) => {
            // Optionally: Apply a local fallback error message.
            panic!("Server response unprocessable (serialization)");


query Input {
  fetchResult {
    headers {



I built and deployed this app to Shopify.

Then, I activated it from the test app's checkout settings.


I tested it by building a sample cart and going to checkout.

But, each time it gives the same thing in the logs:




To further narrow down the issue, I checked the logs on my API server. The server isn't receiving the HTTP request.

I am confused as to what is happening here.

All help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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This is an early access feature with limited availability, have you confirmed that it's been enabled for the shop in question?

Nick Wesselman | Shopify 
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