Why does PurchasingCompany->location (CompanyLocation object) not have address data?

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We are writing a Delivery Customization function for our B2B Shopify Plus store.

We have enabled the "Allow customers to ship to any address" checkout setting for our B2B companies.
We need to determine if the user entered in a new address at checkout, or if they chose the location's default shipping address so that we can enable/disable 'Drop Ship' fees.


However, the data that is passed into the Delivery Customization has only the 'deliveryAddress'.  I've found no way to determine if that is entered during checkout or taken from the company location, or to compare it to data that exists on the B2B company.

The company location object (https://shopify.dev/docs/api/functions/reference/delivery-customization/graphql/common-objects/compa... ) doesn't actually have address data to compare to, and I don't see any indicator in the function input that could be used to determine a manually entered address.

I also couldn't find a way to 'fetch()' additional location data from Shopify from within the Delivery Customization function.

Is there a way around this?
I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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