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Change size of icons and the font of text for icons with text

Change size of icons and the font of text for icons with text

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I am using the three icons with text but with custom icons. These icons are too small so I want to enlarge them. I also want the text to be less bold as it is now. I am using refresh. URL: 



Shopify Staff
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Hi Blasoo, 


Peter here, from Shopify. I had a quick look at your store, and it looks like these icons are now larger than in your initial image. Am I right in thinking you were able to figure out how to amend this yourself? 



If not, and the issue persists on your devices, I would first advice to clear your cache & cookies, as well as trying it on other devices first. If it still persists, I think the best thing to do would be to contact our support team via a support ticket, as we might need to look into why it looks correct on some devices, but too small on others. We might need to see if there is anything in the code that is causing this. 

Peter | Shopify 
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