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Creating a step by step product selection page

Creating a step by step product selection page

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So i have a product which consists of around 10 options, consisting of 5 to 15 individual options per variant. Resulting in millions of possible combinations.


Now I want to create this configurator, where the full screen is dedicated for each option. So for the first step (=selecting the first option) the customer must see all the individual options (in images). After selecting the first option, the customer will go to the second option and so on.


Furthermore, not all options are compatible with eachother. Therefore it must make sure that when option x is selected, in further steps incompatible options are not shown.


My question, how should i approach this matter. Are there any apps available that facilitate this?

Any help is much appreciated!


As an example: this link demonstrates the concept i want to create, however i want to have it better designed: