Accessing the available shipping rates for the current {{ }}

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Hello there,

Is there any way to access the available shipping rates for the current {{ }}  from product sections?


What I want to do is to check if there is a free shipping option for the currently selected country to determine if I should show "Free shipping to {{ }}" message on the product page or not.

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You will never see this on any eshop on product page for a simple reason:


You can't foresee what will be the cost if you don't know what will be bought...

Weight depends on it...

So weight will be dynamically calculated not foreseen.


Dynamic cost function of goods bought.

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But there is a free shipping option in liquid code, you can find it in API

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I'm actually looking for something similar via the storefront/admin api to have a dynamic "you've reached Free Shipping" threshold based on the rates in the control panel. Currently with availableShippingRates the user will need to have their shipping address entered, and that is, in my case, in the managed shopify checkout stage.

I realise having a blanket free shipping policy is dangerous for a small shop, but there are larger organisations where, logistics have already negotiated rates so volume won't make a crazy differences, or the org is wiling to take a hit to encourage sales. 


Even a start-up looking for growth could make their objective to find new customers rather than make a profit ( at least in the short term ).