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Add a custom map on checkout page and get the cart details and pass them through a custom API

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I am new in shopify development, i have a task from the client in which i need to add a google map into checkout page.

When a user select specific area from the google map then i have to pass longitude and latitude of selected coordinates from the map to a custom API and customer cart items and each item pricing into the custom API too and then the custom API will give the success response in return.

I need to know that is the above customization is possible in shopify store? if yes then i need a guide how do i this? currently i have a shopify standard plan.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

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Hii @erdeveloper,

Welcome to Shopify Community,

I think you need a geolocation API for the checkout page
you can check here .
I hope it's helpful for you.
Thank you.

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Hi @Zworthkey thank you for the reply.

 Can you please let me know about the custom API too for the cart item details which needs to be send though the API ? is it possible ?

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Okh Check out this link it will help you.

Thank You

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This is an advanced customization, if you need consulting contact me by PM or email in my forum signature to setup a consult or discovery.


Unless the store is on a Shopify Plus enterprise plan you cannot modify the checkout.liquid

Further the "Shopify Scripts" forum is for Plus merchants checkouts which is a DSL for doing operations on a customers checkout objects, checkout scripts are not for HTML UI development work or communicating with third party apis.


The process as described is flawed, either it needs to occur in the /cart step through a theme customization, or post-checkout either on the order confirmation page(aka thank you page) or through the shopify APIs. 

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Hi, for everyone looking for a shopify app that embeds a Google map on the cart page to obtain your customer's exact delivery location, we are developing an app that does exactly this! Check out our landing page, provide us feedback and we'll offer you early user benefits:

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