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Add timer on checkout page

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Hope you are well!!

I have 1 query regarding add timer on checkout page. Like this
I have added script but it doesn't work at all. So if you have any idea could you please help me out it would be great.

Thank you 


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try this  
{% unless section.settings.cart_timer_text == blank %}
<div class="cart-timer" data-timer-sec="{{ section.settings.cart_timer_sec }}">
<div class="alert alert-warning rte">
{{ section.settings.cart_timer_text }}
{% endunless %}  

then adding in the settings 

"type": "header",
"content": "Cart Timer"
"type": "richtext",
"id": "cart_timer_text",
"label": "Text",
"default": "<p>Your order is reserved for <strong>[time]</strong></p>",
"info": "Leave empty to disable this feature"
"type": "text",
"id": "cart_timer_sec",
"label": "Time (sec)",
"default": "300"