Automatically add gift to cart once customer reaches $25

Automatically add gift to cart once customer reaches $25

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I've been slowly improving my shop over the last week after releasing some of our site felt outdated and in need of refreshing. Before starting the improvements I was offering a promotion where the customer would receive a specified free product for spending over $25. In the past when I had tried stuff like this, my customers had a hard time remembering to use codes, or to add additional items to their carts. This causes issues with tracking inventory, customer satisfaction, and more. I want to avoid these issues for the future and essentially find a way to achieve adding the gift to the customers' cart automatically once the $25 requirement is met.


Ideally, I want to achieve this without resorting to any apps. I've seen several people recommend to other shop owners different ways to achieve this but so far, I don't have a good understanding of what is needed to achieve it. What I am hoping is that someone can help me understand how to achieve this for my shop while understanding that I may need a little bit more guidance to find success due to my inexperience. I'm eager to learn how to do this correctly, I just don't want to mess up my shop in the process. Any help or advice from this community will be greatly appreciated!


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Hi @JDean1992 


I know you've said you'd prefer not to use an app but the EasyGift app ( lets you automatically add gifts to your customer's cart when a trigger is met (cart value, product quantity or mixture). In your case, you'd want to set up a product rule to automatically add the gifted product when the cart value reaches $25.


You can also set up rules to offer your customer different products in an offer-to-customer type rule, where a popup will show the products you've selected will be offered to the customer once the trigger of the rule has been met.


There is a 5-day free trial to let you try it out.


Let me know if you need further help!


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