B2B on Shopify Pricing (USD) when customer in other region

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Hey all,


Unbelievably, once you turn on EUR for Europe based customers using Shopify Payments, your B2B on Shopify customers also switch to EUR. 


This is unfortunate as no international business like this is done in multi-currencies. It's always done is USD. The customers should be able to be set to USD, regardless of the B2C pricing with Shopify Payments, but that's not possible. Wow.


I contacted support and they offered two solutions:

- Make the price list B2B customers are assigned to is USD (I've done that) and all prices are fixed. This is do able, but not a good solution as we are making more work for ourselves making pricing manual instead of a % of MSRP

- Have a script that sets pricing to USD for a customer if they are tagged with something. Since all of our customers are tagged with "B2B" this is doable.


Has anyone solved this issue in another way? Did you use a script? 


Is there a starting place for getting a script like this?


Thank you all. 

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