Block Trekkie. How to insert type="text/plain" class="_iub_cs_activate-inline" in script

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I hope you help me.


In my shopify store there is this script: 

<script class="analytics"> ... </script>

 that contains trekkie that is placed by shopify.


I would to replace: 

<script class="analytics">


<script type="text/plain" class="analytics _iub_cs_activate-inline">

to insert the preventive blocking of cookies (via the iubenda banner).


Also, many apps add scripts and I would need to add to these:

<script type="text/plain" class="_iub_cs_activate-inline">


I have no way of accessing this code from my theme. How could I go about changing it?


Please let me know.


Thank you.

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I have the same problem , and I need to do exactly what do you asking .

anyone done it ?



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