BOGO - Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Applies only to same SKU

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I have 14 SKUs in our store.


I'd like to do a BOGO that automatically adds 1 for each same SKU. I'd like this to work for all 14 SKUs.



-Customer adds item A to the cart. Script should add additional item A to the cart free.

-Customer adds item B to the cart, Script should add additional item B to the cart free.


So on and so forth, the idea is to allow the customer to add an unlimited number of BOGOs.


Any help is appreciated.

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Seconded! This is what "BOGO" means to me, but the "buy X get Y" feature in discounts doesn't appear to work that way, which is incredibly frustrating.

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You won't be able to add items or increase quantity of an item from the script editor.

I would just edit the theme to simply add double the amount of items that the customer selected - then make sure the message from the script explains why.


Jordan Holmes
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