[bug 🐛] Shopify Scripts not being run for checkouts created by a custom app

[bug 🐛] Shopify Scripts not being run for checkouts created by a custom app

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Hi all! I'd like to report a bug 🐛



  • We're working with a Shopify Plus merchant who has custom Shopify Scripts for modifying shipping prices, applying discounts, etc.
  • These scripts are set to run for both their store and all sales channels.
  • We have a custom app with Storefront API access installed for their shop.


Expected behavior:

  • These scripts are run for and applied to checkouts created by our custom app.

Actual behavior:

  • None of the scripts appear to be running and affecting checkouts created via the Storefront Checkout API by the custom app.


I've tried several methods of creating carts/checkouts (Checkout API, Cart API, Cart permalinks attributed to the custom app) and this appears to be the case for all of them. The only way I can get the Shopify Scripts to run is to use cart permalinks that are specifically not attributed to the custom app, but this is much more limited in functionality than the APIs and will not work for our use case.


I would appreciate any guidance on how to proceed and if/when Shopify will consider fixing this bug.



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I'm seeing the same issue on my end.


Clients have enables the scripts on storefront api, but they are not being run when I use the graphql storefront API to create a cart, add an item to a cart, create a checkout, etc.