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Can I create a checkout experience similar to this prototype?

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Hello, everyone. I'm wondering if it's possible to create a checkout experience very similar/equal to this prototype I made, using the Script Editor.

This is my first time developing a site/theme for a client and the checkout is the most important aspect and I was wondering if you could guide me.


Thank you very much.

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There's two journeys to consider:

  1. everything up to (and including) the cart stage
  2. the checkout

Merchants on the Shopify Plus plan do have the option to modify the checkout experience but things like amount of steps or order of steps must remain as is. There will also be some fields deemed required that you would not be able to remove.

So the first question to consider: is your client on the Plus plan? The Script Editor is a Plus tool but it is build to handle things like discounting (and some mods to things like what gateways or shipping options show).

Everything before checkout you'll be able to make whatever you like.

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