Can I use the eye icon to hide or unhide sections in the Empire theme?

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I am currently trying to figure out how to have the eye icon option to hide or unhide Announcement, utility, header and footer sections in my empire theme. Ive managed to completely hide those sections but i was wondering if its possible to actually have the option to hide or unhide using the eye icon usually found inside the customisation of the theme rather than go into the back-end code and do it manually.


Ive been told that i need to turn the static sections in the empire theme into dynamic sections (same as all other sections) that are draggable etc... the downside is that the settings/content i apply in those header/footer sections is not going to last across all pages. So If i want to change the navigation menu for example, or the announcement bar text - i will need to do it on the home page, collection page, products page etc.... for every type of template you have. 


Let me know if this is possible & if someone has been able to achieve this. This is something i want to implement on my empire theme.

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