Contact email address auto update to customer email address

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When I take custom orders at our POS location, I use my online store to record the specifications through virtual options. At checkout, I input our store’s dummy account info (has a 100% discount code so the order only acts as a record and not a sale). I reassign the order to the actual customer after I have finished processing the specifications but when it comes to sending out the “ready for pick up” email, it sends to the store dummy account email address instead of the customer email address. 

Why are there two email addresses (customer email and contact email) for an order? Is it possible to set either to have order confirmations and notification to be sent to customer email instead of contact email? Or have the contact email auto updated to the customer email when I reassign the order?


It would be time consuming and annoying to have to copy and paste the customer’s email address to the contact email address each time for all orders… would love a solution to this, thank you. 

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