Creating unique external link for variants

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Hey all, I've been working on a site with external links to amazon instead of sending a product to the cart page.

My problem is, I can't figure out a way to use an external link to be unique for each of the product's variants.

I've been using this article: Adding Metafields to Product Variants for Dawn Theme. ( to create product variant's single text description successfully but hadn't had any luck with URL type variants.


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Hi @erant ,


Since Shopify is an e-commerce platform, it provides only buynow option for product.


If you want to redirect your user to external link 🔗.


You have to edit main-product.liquid as you did for short description already.



Create URL metafield at variant level check if it's not blank and create anchor tag having metafield url in else put quantity and buy now button code.


Same approach i did for my client too

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