Do not show certain products when the customer does not live/browse in the UK.

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Looking for custom code, to hide certain products when the customer does not live/browse from the UK (and to be easily added in the future to other products), viewed the following article but essentially need it in reverse? -


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I know there are apps available, but they can affect SEO performance which we do not want to happen,

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Hi @wiredcampers ,


You can create metafield for the same and get the user's current country name using the script given below URL.


The same can be achieved by the liquid code provided below

{{ }}


You can add style="display:none" attribute on products listing liquid files.


Like collection-product-grid and featured-product, there could be more liquid files.


Hope it will help

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Thank for the information, but unfortunately adding codes isn’t really what I know. Do you offer services to help setup?