Re: Dynamic Collection(metafield) for Feature Collection Grid on Product Page Template

Dynamic Collection(metafield) for Feature Collection Grid on Product Page Template

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We are looking for a solution that enables us to dynamically change the collection of a featured collection grid through metafields on our product template.

We require each product to showcase its own "family" collection to which it belongs to on the product page. That means, the collection cannot be fixed to one collection choice but needs to dynamically change based on the product information. Currently, there is no option to call for metafields in the builder. Therefore the liquid product template has to be altered to call up the name of the collection which would be stored in a metafield of the product, then render the correct collection on the product page. We are hoping to link the collection name to a metafield in the product so that we can use a bulk editor to update the fields for all of our products.

The same request was posted here:

IS anyone able to provide a solution for this?

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Hi there,

If your Shopify theme is compatible with Online Store 2.0, you can take advantage of the Shopify Search Filters app to easily manage products that are being recommended on product templates. It can help create a better customer experience and enable customers to easily find the exact products they are looking for quickly.


Alternatively, you can also custom code this using metafields. By assigning collections to metafields, the code can display products accordingly. However, as this might require some developer assistance, if you require help with this, you can always contact us for help.

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