EDD Estimated time of delivery widget with Pincode by Shiprocket for Shopify

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I would like to add a Shiprocket estimated delivery date widget below the "Buy Now" button on my Shopify site. This widget will allow customers to check the estimated delivery date by inserting their PIN codes. Here is the link to the Shiprocket API code: https://apidocs.shiprocket.in/#29ff5116-0917-41ba-8c82-638412604916. Can anyone help me integrate this feature into my website? I have attached an example screenshot, and you can view a working website with this feature by following this link: https://thehatke.com/collections/apple-iphone-5-5s/products/usb-c-fast-charging-lightning-cable-for-....


Screenshot 2024-01-17 134840.png
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You can use this app to achieve the same functionality Shiprocket Promise