Editing Customer Notification Templates With Variable Content Based on Tag

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Hi guys, firstly thanks for looking + any help


I have an issue where I need customers with a certain tag (say, "distributor") to receive Shopify notifications through another email, another branding (image + any {{ shop.email }} + {{ shop.title }})


It seems like with an if statement I could easily do the tag thing from the top:

{% if customer.tags contains ‘vip’ %}

##modified code that replaces all branded assets

{% else %}

##current code in notification

{% endif %}


It seems simple enough although tedious to do for every notification, but I am worried I can't change the email that the notifications are sent from


Would a better solution be:

{% if customer.tags contains ‘distributor’ %}

{% else %}

#current notification code

{% endif %}


and try to use an invoice app to only send invoices to tagged customers?


Any ideas? Thanks a ton for the help

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Hi @mv5,


Sufio's invoicing app can provide you with custom emailing options. With this app, our team can build custom scripts that will only send invoices to customers with a certain tag. On top of this, if needed, we can also set your account to send invoices for certain orders that have been paid, unpaid or fulfilled.


Feel free to reach out to support@sufio.com to discuss your needs and we will happily get you set up 🙂