Engraving Option Narrative Theme

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Hi community,

we have switched or theme from Minimal to Narrative. We've implemented the Engraving option with this guide: https://www.huratips.com/tech-tips/how-to-add-an-engraving-option-to-a-shopify-product.html Everything worked out fine. Now, with the new Narrative theme, I cannot implement the steps in order to get the engraving option working. I mean, I can insert the input field but that's it. The values from that input field won't get passed in my checkout nor do I see it after a purchase is made in my shopify backend (orders).

I've struggled over three hours now and cannot find a solution. The code is not comparable with the Minimal theme. It seems that the Narrative theme is way more dynamic in terms of code structure and isn't compatible with the guide I've posted above.

I appreicate every input quite a lot. At the moment, we cannot launch because of this problem.

Kind regards!

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