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So basically I want a rule setup so that if any checkout contains a product where that product's Product Type is battery then an additional $46 charge on top of the shipping rate that would already show for the product regardless of if there is other products in the cart.


Right now I have shown only ground shipping option for these battery products, but I want to make airshipping option available for the customers and for this I want to charge an extra $46. It doesn't matter if there are other items in the cart. If there is any product which is of type battery then this extra charge of $46 with airshipping method.


Also, since for now I have shown only the ground shipping option I was just wondering if I can show a message on Checkout shipping step a mesage to let customers know that due to some hazardous reasons only option available is ground shipping.


Hope I am clear enough to explain my problem. I would to get a solution for this as soon as possible. Or any kind of guidance to the right direction.


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There doesnt seem to be a  way to increase shipping rate cost with the script api.

If you are able to duplicate your shipping rates (once normal and once 46+ in cost) then use a common special string in the names of the increased price methods, what you could do with a script is to hide all rates that contain the special string if no battery is in cart or hide the ones not containing the special string if a battery is in cart.

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Hi kaushikanshul21,


Did you ever figure out how this could be done? I've run into the same issue.