Google lighthouse error NO <meta name="viewport"> tag found

Google lighthouse error NO <meta name="viewport"> tag found

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I have a problem with my store, I optimized my store and had a great google lighthouse score of 99 on SEO. 

Since I have further optimized my store is gave me a score of 77 on SEO while I did not change anything.


Here are my old performance metrix's.

Performance metrix light house.png







When I change my theme to my old code I still get the error (NO <meta name="viewport"> tag found) in the google lighthouse performance report.


Google Lighthouse performance metrixs updated.pngHere is the problem:

Meta name problem.pngIn my code i have the meta name viewport included.

Code from my website.pngHere is the code from my website, can anybody help me with this problem because I do not know what to do.
My store is:
Stan Legebeke | Founder
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