How can I add a dynamic 'Quick View' pop-up to my meal selling website?

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I am building a website for selling meals, and I would like to introduce a new button in addition to "Add to cart" for each product - the button would say "Quick view" or "More info" and would display a pop-up with dynamic information about nutritions, proteins, description of said product. 
These information or values will be also saved within each product item I create in the database. 


Here is an image that demonstrates well what I have in mind: 

Screenshot 2023-10-08 222328.png


I would appreciate if the solutions in mind already take into consideration the styling of the website - would appreciate any support!


Thanks in advance!

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Hi ,  Did you got the solution for the dynamic modal in popup?
Recently, I showed tool tip for few products on store based on TAGS.


Please let me know, If that solution works for you. 


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