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How can I alter the featured product image on the Dawn theme?

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How can I change my products featured image that shows on the collection page?

currently it is showing the image of the first variant but I want to show the first image that is loaded for that item on the product page. 
This is for Dawn theme. 

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Hey there, @shopitech. Thanks for bringing your question here to the Shopify Community! It's awesome to meet you, and I hope you're having a good day so far!


To be clear, when on the collection page, the featured image for the product is meant to be showing. Once clicked, the image that will show on the product page will be the image for the first variant. I believe that you're saying that you're seeing the Variant Image on the collection page, is this correct?


I'm really interested in seeing what we can do for you here so please provide me with the following info at your earliest convenience:


  • Can you please provide us with a link to your shop? I'd like to be able to see this example in real time. 
  • If possible, screenshots would be helpful for us here, too!


Please, get back to me when you can with the request information! I'll keep my eyes peeled for your reply!

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You have to make changes . Edit code of DAWN theme and make changes to /sections/main-product.liquid file Line# 59 and 66


line 59

{%- assign featured_media = product.selected_or_first_available_variant.featured_media -%}


{%- assign featured_media = product.featured_media -%}

line : 66

{%- unless == -%}


 {%- unless == -%}






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Hi - Will this work on Dawn v11.0? I just switched from Shopify 1.0 theme to Dawn 2.0 in October. But now the version of Dawn that is showing on my dashboard is Dawn 11.0.

I would like to make the same changes.

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Hi again - I have a follow up question to this. All of my products have 3-4 variants, and some have 30 variants. Now that I am on the Dawn theme, all of my variant images have disappeared on the product page and only appear if you select the variant from the variant picker. How can I get those variant images to appear again? I don't like that they're hidden unless selected from the picker.

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Please refer to the below video to achieve this.


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