How can I create a partially transparent header that reverts to solid color as users scroll?

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Dear Shopify Community,


I hope this message finds you well.

I am in need of guidance regarding a specific design implementation for my landing page. My goal is to achieve a partially transparent effect for the headline, solely when it overlays the initial section of the image on the landing page. As the user scrolls beyond this initial image section, I aim for the headline to revert to its original solid color.


Is there a recommended approach, code snippet, or technique within Shopify that allows for this effect? I've attempted various methods but have yet to achieve the intended outcome without impacting the entire page or the functionality.precisely like this website


Your expertise or suggestions in creating this specific effect where the headline is initially transparent over the image but reverts to its solid color as users scroll beyond the image area would be incredibly valuable to me.


Thank you sincerely for any insights or guidance you can offer on this matter.

 Here my website =



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